Know the 5 Most Famous Ball Sports in the World

The world is divided by various factors, but if there is something that holds and unites the whole world together, it is ‘Sports’. For some, playing any kind of sports is like a stress-buster or a hobby, but for some it’s their religion and passion. There are various ball sports in the world, which vary from one country to another but we have compiled a list of 5 most famous ball sports in the world based on their popularity or revenue generation.

  • Soccer

The Association football, which is more commonly known as soccer or football, is played between two different teams, each comprising of eleven players with a sphere shaped ball. This sport is played by nearly 250 mln players in more than 200 countries, making it one of the most popular sports in the world.

  • Basketball

Basketball is played among two different teams of five players each. The aim is to shoot the ball through a hoop. A team can score a goal only by shooting the ball through the basket.

  • Cricket

Cricket is a bat-ball game, which is played between two teams each of 11 players in a 22-yard long rectangular pitch. Each team bats in turns in an attempt to score more runs and every turn is known as innings.

  • Tennis

This sport is played individually by people against an opponent or among two teams of two players each. Every player makes use of a racket to hit the ball around the net into opponent’s court. The main aim here is to play the ball in such a manner that the opponent fails to play back a good return.

  • Table Tennis

Table tennis, which is also famous ping pong, is a game in which either two or four players hit a ball back and forth with the help of tennis rackets. The game is played on a hard table, which is divided with the help of a net.

These are the most popular ball sports that are widely played all around the world.


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